Plants are live creatures


Does any one remember what mom and dad always said when we came home with that cute and cuddly puppy and asked if it could stay.  My mom used to ask "will you care for it?" (dad just said no) Dad was a smart man he knew that at some point that dog would cut into his beer and football games to come.  So he just said no.  Mom would break and let the dog stay and then months later when the dog became too much to handle, mom and dad would fight till the dog was gone.  Well it's easy to see the logic when owning a dog because there laws that protect the dog against abuse and neglect. The rules are simple: Want a dog?  Give it a good home, because if you don't, you will find yourself behind bars!  There are no laws that protect plants.  Even though they too are alive.  We take them for granted.  You won't go to jail for killing a plant, the punishment is strictly financial.  We must treat our new pets as we do our dog, cat, fish, reptiles, etc...

Your New Pet Plant

Yes, in a way plants are like pets.  Some are very needy.  I learned that Doberman Pinchers are extremely needy!!! And so are German Shepherds.  My cat, Max, on the other hand was ok with his independence and freedom.  He had moments, but a lot less needy than the dogs.  Reptiles are low maintenance, however if you don't handle them regularly, they are prone to bite.   Fish and birds are slobs and require maid service.  So when we pick a pet,  We should look at all of these variables carefully before we choose a pet we can properly care for. 

So back to plants.  Everybody has a favorite plant that would look great right by the front entry to welcome all who approach it.  However, maybe the environment is all wrong for it to sustain life there.  REMEMBER it is alive!  We can't dictate to mother nature our rules, she simply won't have it!  In return she will send us to tears for what she will do to our walletsMother nature sets the rules, not us. We simply follow them or we get fined.

Most would agree that if you were to hire a professional to design and install a landscape for you,  you should trust his/ her recommendations.  When I do a design, I look at the area that the work in being done.  How much light, contour of the ground surface, Oak or Pine trees( Soil PH) etc... from that I will design a landscape that will last.  Then I will discuss it with the homeowner and let them make the final decision. Please don't be offended when You insist on a particular plant against my better judgment and I seem stuck on my point. (unless you are willing to completely assume the risk of mother natures wrath on your wallet.)  Trust the professionals.  Unless of coarse you indeed want a high maintenance environment.  Just be prepared  ...for it can and usually does consume most to all of your time caring for it so it stays beautiful.  My 12 years experience in the maintenance end of this business will stand behind my words.

If All of this is too overwhelming, don't worry you still have options.  Turning your property into a work of art is my specialty!  You may have to settle with what mother nature has given you to work with, but beauty can and will be achieved.  And you'll find yourself enjoying more often than working!


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